MQ Health has established a Limb Reconstruction Centre that is well positioned to become the pre-eminent Limb Reconstruction Centre in Australasia. The Centre brings together a core group of orthopaedic surgeons with unique expertise and a strong commitment to performing complex and innovative surgeries.

The newly established Limb Reconstruction Centre at MQ Health is unique in its capacity to perform innovative and complex procedures – something that is achieved not by surgical excellence alone, but also by the way that a group of highly skilled surgeons work together as a team.

The Centre’s four core doctors includes Professor Munjed Al Muderis, Associate Professor Kevin Tetsworth, Dr Razvan Stoita and Dr Tim O’Carrigan, who work collaboratively under a robust Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) model, which is well-established in cancer treatment and increasingly being used in other disciplines – most notably, neurosurgery.

At the Limb Reconstruction Centre, the MDT approach means that patients are often seen by all four surgeons in the same room at the same time. Detailed assessment and discussion are undertaken and a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan determined. This same approach is undertaken in theatre with two of the team operating together on each patient.

“These are patients with complex and often long-standing conditions,” said Professor Al Muderis. “They have often been turned away elsewhere and have no other options available to them, while living in great pain or discomfort – and usually with the trauma of an accident from their past or the psychological impact of a congenital disease.

“What we can provide is the possibility of an innovative surgery that gives each patient a tailored solution – one which is, increasingly, minimally invasive – and the best possible outcomes.

“It is only in working as such a close-knit team that we are able to assess, review, discuss and come up with best options for treatment and or management. This approach requires significant resources, with detailed assessment, significant surgical planning and strong support and follow-up during recovery. We embark on a long journey with our patients, and each of us is very committed to this.”

The team collaborates with spinal, plastic and vascular surgeons from MQ Health, as required, as well as infectious disease consultants, psychologist, physicians, pain specialist, physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialists and a limb reconstruction-trained Clinical Nurse Consultant to provide patient education and close support to the patient during their treatment journey.

The Limb Reconstruction Centre team specialises in osseointegration, limb lengthening and limb deformity, limb deficiency and weakness, complex joint replacement, revision arthroplasty, bone and joint infection, and complex foot and ankle including ankle joint replacement for arthritis.

The Centre is particularly well known for bringing osseointegration to Australia. Professor Al Muderis started performing the procedure in 2009 and has since helped thousands of war veterans who have lost limbs, or others with congenital limb deformity, to walk again.

Most recently, in collaboration with engineers from Macquarie University, Professor Al Muderis successfully integrated the implantation of electrodes into current osseointegration techniques to begin providing patients with mind-controlled, or ‘bionic’, limbs.

For limb lengthening, the Centre uses the traditional Illizarov technique, a computerized hexa pod framing technique and the latest intramedullary magnetic lengthening devices such as the precise lengthening system. Earlier this year Professor Al Muderis and Dr Tetsworth performed an Australian first limb lengthening surgery using the minimally invasive Precice® Bone Transport System – currently the only all-internal system.

The Limb Reconstruction Centre also specialises in the latest developments in ankle joint replacement, including preoperative 3D scanning and the use of customised treatments to ensure highly accurate ankle joint replacements. Professor Tim O’Carrigan performs complex minimally invasive foot and ankle surgeries using external fixation and percutaneous minimal incision surgery to correct a foot deformity as well as total ankle replacement in complex cases of severe rheumatoid arthritis.

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