Breast implants and breast reductions do not increase your risk of breast cancer

For Patients and GPs

Referrals and Appointments

Patients can either self-refer or their GPs can refer them; however, we are not a GP-replacement service. If a patient does self-refer, our clinicians will always involve their GP in the patient’s ongoing management.

GP Referral Form

To complete and print the form, please click on the link below –

Breast Health Clinic Referral Form


We ask patients to allow for up to three hours for a full assessment, which includes the time for imaging and pathology to be completed, should this be required. Time will be shorter, if no follow-up diagnostic tests are required.

The Breast Health Clinic is unique in having all initial services in the same location and we arrange for imaging and pathology tests to be done immediately after your consultation, if they are required. You then return to see your breast physician to obtain preliminary results from the tests.

Patients will know on this day if their concern is suspicious or not. If suspicious, they will then return to a formal results clinic on a separate day for final results and expedited referral to one of our breast surgeons if needed.


A routine breast health assessment incurs a $220 fee of which $108.85 can be claimed back from Medicare. Furthermore, if a fast-track referral to a breast surgeon is required, the initial consultation with the surgeon is included at no extra out of pocket cost to you.

At Macquarie Medical Imaging (MMI), ultrasound is bulk-billed, while mammogram incurs a fee of $360.20 of which $260.20 can be claimed back from Medicare.

Please note that in rare instances there may be further radiology and/or pathology costs if our breast specialists deem that your particular circumstances require more complex diagnostic tests.