Dr Min Ling has joined Associate Professor Bernard Champion to offer expanded clinic hours for the Endocrine Service at Macquarie University Hospital.

Endocrine clinics are now held every week on Thursdays or Fridays at Macquarie University Clinics and each Monday fortnight at MQ Health’s Blacktown campus.

The service offers patients both male and female endocrinologists with Dr Ling fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese.

The clinic sees patients with all endocrine conditions including sexual and reproductive issues, metabolic disorders, diabetes, thyroid and parathyroid disease and osteoporosis.

The team holds regular MDT meetings for patient review and treatment plans, and has a year-round 24-hour on call hospital consultant roster led by four endocrinologists.

In 2019, the service will include a full-time n advanced trainee as part of a fully accredited training position at Macquarie University Hospital.

Health Weight Clinic

The Healthy Weight Clinic at Macquarie University Hospital is a full-service multidisciplinary weight management clinic and caters to a broad range of weight and health concerns. It involves multidisciplinary care involving endocrinologists (Dr Veronica Preda and Associate Professor Ken Ho), respiratory physicians, exercise physiologists, dieticians, clinical psychology and bariatric surgery (Professor Reg Lord) to better manage weight, its comorbidities and successful weight loss.

We have integrated care at the Hospital to extend into managing all the complications of obesity, such as fatty liver, OSA and cardiac complications. Alongside this, we run an atrial fibrillation clinic with MQ Health Cardiology to address the weight component in the common cardiac condition of atrial fibrillation and its management with weight loss.