Sleep Services

With the recognition of the importance of a good nights sleep and with growing community awareness of the high prevalence of sleep disordered breathing in Australia (e.g. obstructive sleep apnoea), Macquarie Respiratory and Sleep is pleased to offer a modern sleep investigation unit with facilities and staff to help diagnose and oversee the treatment of common and rare sleep disorders.

CPAP titration/review
Bilevel titration/review
Mandibular device titration
Home Diagnostic Studies

Home Studies

Home studies can be performed on suitable patients and comply with accreditation and accepted Australasian Sleep Association guidelines.

Sleep Laboratory Director

Dr Lydia Makarie Rofail BScMed MBBS (Hons) PhD FRACP

To make a direct referral to the Sleep Laboratory please download and print the referral form below and fax to (02) 9812 3844 or email to

Sleep Studies Referral Form

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