The Robotic Surgery Program at MUH

Macquarie University Hospital has recently purchased its second da Vinci Surgical System  – a move that has seen the facility rapidly expand its robotic surgery program across a number of specialties. The new surgical robot is the latest model available.

The acquisition of the multimillion dollar da Vinci system is boosting the hospital’s oncological capabilities, as well as other specialty areas.

When combined with the MUH academic advantage and multidisciplinary team approach to care, as well as the most sophisticated imaging capabilities, the journey for patients at this hospital will be one in which personalised care and the best medical technologies bring about better outcomes.

This latest robotic technology is now the surgical tool of choice for many procedures – and, indeed, the standard approach for a broad range of procedures in the US and some European countries. In Australia it is increasingly used for complex minimally invasive prostate surgery; however the extensive Robotic Surgery Program at MUH enables specialists in other areas to utilise the device as well.


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Macquarie University Hospital has the most extensive Robotic Surgery Program in the country. All our specialists have received international training in the use of this technology to ensure residents in NSW have access to the very latest minimally invasive treatments.

Our program includes:

Cardiothoracic Surgery
Colorectal Surgery
ORL, Head and Neck Surgery
Thyroid Surgery
Urology and Prostate Surgery

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