A sub-specialty of ORL-Head and Neck Surgery, Otology and Neuro-otology is dedicated to Ear and Lateral Skull Base Surgery.

The otology and neuro-otology team at Macquarie University Hospital aims to provide the most innovative, progressive and state of the art in surgical care with its field.

Current expertise includes:

  • Cochlear implantation for both adults and children: Surgeons work closely with the Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre and Northside Cochlear Implant Centre.
  • Minimally invasive endoscopic ear surgery: Macquarie University Hospital was one of the first to bring endoscopic ear surgery to Australia, with one of its surgeons trained in North America.
  • Cholesteatoma, Ear Infection and Ear Drum Surgery: Surgeons are able to treat all forms of chronic ear infection in children and adults.

Where possible, our ear surgeons use endoscopic (key hole) approaches in order to achieve scarless surgery, with less pain and faster recovery times for patients.

The team has access to some of the most advanced surgical imaging available in Australia at Macquarie University Hospital, including advanced microscopy, high-definition videoscopy, and the hospital’s high-definition imaging technology, located in every operating theatre.

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