The Endoscopic Orbital Unit at MUH is unique in that the oculoplastic team of Drs. Geoff Wilscek, Krishna Tumuluri and Simon Taylor have teamed up with the Endoscopic Sinus surgeons, Professor Raymond Sacks and Associate Professor Richard Harvey to create a team dedicated to the endoscopic management of Lacrimal disorders, (Tearing), Orbital and Optic nerve disorders, Orbital Tumours and Thyroid Eye Disease. Together, the unit has developed extensive expertise in the surgical approaches and management of these problems and can now offer patients surgery without any external scars.


The Endoscopic Orbital Unit at Macquarie University are actively involved in research and have published extensively in the international literature about the subject. The prestigious journal “Orbit” recently published their manuscript – “Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis on Outcomes for Endoscopic versus External Dacrocystorhinostomy” and the team have been invited to present their techniques and results in multiple institutions and at multiple conferences throughout Europe , North America and Australia.


The MUH Unit has been responsible for the convening and running of multiple courses for both ENT Surgeons and Ophthalmologists to learn the techniques of endoscopic dacrocystorhinostomy , endoscopic orbital and optic nerve decompression. There have also been multiple specialists from abroad coming to MUH to learn the techniques, including surgeons from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Singapore and all members of the team are actively involved in the teaching.

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