Overview and Mission

The Department of ORL-Head and Neck Surgery aims to provide excellence in patient care, research, innovation and education. Under the leadership of Associate Professor Raymond Sacks, the faculty at Macquarie have been specifically chosen as surgeons and leaders in the field. They are also dedicated to training the next generation of ENT surgical leaders both nationally and internationally and advancing the standard of ENT surgery through research and education. Our faculty is committed to delivering optimal patient care using evidence-based medicine. We aim to provide the best for our patients in all sub-specialities of ENT surgery.

Clinical Services

Working very closely with neurosurgeons, oculoplastic surgeons and facial plastic surgeons, the ORL-Head and Neck team at Macquarie University Hospital is able to provide a multi-disciplinary, high-standard approach to all pathologies of the head and neck.

We are also able to provide ENT patients with access to the most advanced technologies and facilities in the country. We offer services in multiple sub-specialities: otology and lateral skull base surgery, head and neck surgery, rhinology and anterior skull base surgery, paediatric otolaryngology and sleep disordered breathing.

The Otology Unit is headed by Associate Professor Catherine Birman and provides an extensive otological service including cochlear implantation, neuro-otological and both adult and paediatric otological surgery.

The Rhinology Unit is headed by Associate Professor Richard Harvey and provides patients with access to tertiary surgical procedures for both inflammatory and neoplastic pathology of the nose, sinuses and anterior skull base. The Unit also provides advanced endoscopic treatment of many abnormalities of the orbit and lacrimal system.

The Head and Neck Unit is headed by Dr Carsten Palme and, together with radiation oncologists, provides a multidisciplinary approach to the management of head and neck cancer patients.

Academic Program

All surgeons within the Department of ORL-Head and Neck Surgery are faculty members of the Australian School of Advanced Medicine and are involved in training and research. Many PhD and MSc students come from all over the world to be trained in the Department.

Our rhinology advanced fellowship program is one of the most desirable programs on the US ‘Match Program’ and places are fiercely contested by ENT surgeons from all over the world. Many of our surgeons have had additional international postgraduate training in areas of sub-specialisation and our research is regularly published in the world’s leading scientific journals.

We look forward to welcoming you to Macquarie University Hospital and assure you of access to the highest standard of care and the most advanced equipment currently available.

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