Head and Neck Surgery is complex and challenging and involves many specialists including those from the fields of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery, General Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Faciomaxillary Surgery. Diseases involving the head and neck range from the most common to the most rare form of malignancies. Given the inherent anatomically and functionally complex nature of the head and neck, patients who suffer from these disorders face significant morbidity in terms of upper aerodigestive tract dysfunction and potential mortality.

This not only comes from the pathologic process itself but also results from the multidisciplinary treatment that this requires. A curative approach often requires radical surgical ablation significantly altering upper aerodigestive function both in the short and long term. Cosmesis is also affected which has an enormous impact on patient well-being and quality of life.

Reconstructive surgery has come a long way to improve both functional and cosmetic outcomes in these patients. Rehabilitation is often prolonged and requires the assistance of our colleagues from allied health services including clinical nurse specialists, speech therapy, dietetics, social work and psychology.

Our Team

Specialists at MUH come from a wide variety of specialities including otolaryngology head and neck surgery, endocrine surgery, surgical oncology, faciomaxillary surgery and plastics and reconstructive surgery.

Allied Health Specialists

  • Clinical nurse specialists
  • Speech therapy
  • Dietitians

The Collective Experience

  • We offer state of the art management of head and diseases
  • Offered for the benefit of all our patients at MUH
  • Excellent disease specific and quality of life outcomes, education and research.
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