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Breast health – why and when to see us?

Over 18,000 Australians are diagnosed with breast cancer each year… 82% of women who receive early diagnosis have positive outcomes.  The Breast Health Clinic assesses all breast conditions that cause concern for patients. Anyone who is in the following situations or has the following conditions should consider having a breast health check:

• If you have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer
• If you have breast lump/s
• If you are experiencing breast pain
• If you detect nipple change or discharge
• Any other symptom in the breast area
• Or if you are over 40.


Rapid access: our unique model of integrated care

The Clinic follows the triple assessment model that includes clinical assessment followed by radiology and biopsy if required. We have established the Clinic’s services under a ‘rapid access’ model, so patients are provided with fast and easy access to breast specialists, as well as same-day referral to imaging and pathology services, all at the same location.
Patients start by seeing a breast physician. If necessary, patients go directly to dedicated breast radiologists and pathologists at our allied diagnostic service providers Macquarie Medical Imaging and Douglass Hanley Moir. After any of these tests, patients return to see their physician to receive any preliminary results. If required, the physician can fast-track a referral to our breast surgeon.

Because we are all part of the MQ Health academic precinct, all services are in a single location, within either the MQ Health Clinic building or the Hospital itself. This helps us to provide patients with coordinated, expedited care. Patients can walk between different medical areas they might need to access.

The Breast Health Clinic’s ‘rapid-access’ model means wait time is significantly reduced and patients don’t need to travel to multiple locations to get a full diagnosis. Patients will know on the day if their concern is suspicious or not. If suspicious, they will then return to a formal results clinic on a separate day for final results and expedited referral to one of our breast surgeons if needed.

No referral needed

Patients can either self-refer or their GPs can refer them; however, we are not a GP-replacement service. If a patient does self-refer, our clinicians will always involve their GP in the patient’s ongoing management.

If you have breast implants, visit our Breast Implant Check Clinic pages to find out about having regular checks.

An academic precinct: advanced technology and leading specialists

Our service is part of MQ Health, Australia’s first medical centre to be fully integrated into an academic precinct. That means that our clinical approach is directly informed by, and linked to, academic research and continuous learning. All specialists at the Breast Health Clinic work together in the same location. Your physicians, radiologists and surgeons all talk face-to-face to come up with the best approach for you.

Macquarie Medical Imaging has the most advanced breast imaging technology available. Our state of the art mammogram imaging is 3D.