To apply for assistance from the The Monique and Doug Thompson Gamma Knife Fund for treatment at Macquarie University Hospital,  please complete the following steps in the order as shown:

1. You first must be assessed as a suitable candidate for Gamma Knife treatment.

  • If you have not yet been medically assessed and your condition approved as suitable for Gamma Knife treatment, please call 02 9812 3000 or email to start your Gamma Knife enquiry.

2. You complete a Fund Application Form

  • A Fund Application Form will be given to you to complete by a Gamma Knife Team member, if Gamma Knife treatment is approved and either you or the Gamma Knife Team think you may be eligible.
  • A Gamma Knife Team member is required to sign the Application Form before you send it to the hospital. This does not mean that you are automatically successful with your Application.
  • If you require assistance completing the Application Form, please call
    02 9812 3037 or email
  • As part of your Application you need to attach the following supporting documents:
    – Proof of your Australian (or other) citizenship or residency
    – Proof of your Centrelink benefit (photocopy of your Centrelink card) or details of your financial hardship
    – Photocopy of your Medicare card
    – Any other relevant documents.

3. You send your completed Application Form to Macquarie University Hospital. You may either:

Manager, Patient Services
Macquarie University Hospital

  • Post The Monique and Doug Thompson Gamma Knife Fund
    Attention: Manager, Patient Services
    Macquarie University Hospital
    3 Technology Place
    Macquarie University, NSW 2109
    Locked Bag 2231 North Ryde BC 1670 NSW

4. Your Application will be assessed

  • For applicants who are holders of an approved Centrelink Benefit (listed under Eligibility Criteria): Your Application will be reviewed by the Fund to ensure that the Fund criteria have been met. You may be contacted if we have any questions.


  • For applicants who are not holders of a Centrelink Benefit but are experiencing financial hardship: Your Application will be assessed on a case by case basis. You are likely to be contacted to discuss your Application.

5. You will be notified in writing by the Fund on whether your Application was successful or unsuccessful

You will be notified within five (5) working days of when a completed Application is received.  If your case is urgent, it will be prioritised.

If your Application is successful, your confirmation letter will include:

  • Details of the financial support offered to you.
  • What you need to do next to accept this financial support i.e. you (or your guardian, if you are under 18),  need to sign and return a short Funding Agreement.  Once returned to the hospital, we will arrange payment from the Fund, for your treatment.
  • Contact details if you have further questions.

The Gamma Knife Team (not the Fund) will contact you directly to advise you of your treatment and other details regarding your treatment.

If your Application is unsuccessful, this does not affect your suitability to receive Gamma Knife treatment. You may contact GenesisCancerCare on 02 9812 3220 to discuss treatment payment.

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