Macquarie University Hospital installed Australia’s first Gamma Knife in 2010, when the Hospital opened. Stereotactic radiosurgery with Gamma Knife surgery has revolutionised the management of brain tumours and many other brain conditions that may have previously required invasive surgery.

The Hospital, Macquarie Neurosurgery and Genesis Cancer Care have combined their expertise in Neurosurgery and Radiation Oncology to provide a high quality, cost-effective radio surgical service for patients.

The hospital is proud to be able to offer Gamma Knife treatment to all suitable patients. The Monique and Doug Thompson Gamma Knife Fund enables patients, who otherwise would not be able to afford treatment, to receive financial support for Gamma Knife treatment at Macquarie University Hospital, enabling the Hospital to deliver its commitment to provide the right treatment at the right time for all patients no matter where they live.


Our vision is to offer  a sustainable, patient-focussed Gamma Knife centre of excellence at Macquarie University Hospital and, in doing so, to:

  • Work together with our partners, clinicians and supporters through research, education, treatment
  • Inform and make the Gamma Knife available to all suitable patients
  • Improve potential outcomes and enhance the quality of life of patients, their families and carers.


Opened in 2010, Macquarie University Hospital,  is Australia’s first and only private hospital on a university campus. The Hospital is located in the heart of a large and integrated medical community that features some of the country’s most advanced technology, much of it unavailable anywhere else in Australia. The Hospital has superb patient facilities and our medical staff take an integrated approach to clinical care. This state-of-the-art Hospital offers a comprehensive range of services and specialist areas, with links to the Macquarie University Clinic and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. This integrated network means that patients benefit from the collaboration of specialists and researchers who bring their collective knowledge and skills to their work. Patients also benefit from the convenience of traveling to one location for all their treatment. As an academic hospital, our doctors are committed to a culture of continuous improvement in patient care through teaching and research.


Genesis Cancer Care is a national network of comprehensive cancer centres across Australia. As a leader in cancer service provision Genesis Cancer Care is committed to improving outcomes and access for patients. Comprising of a team of doctors, healthcare and management professionals working together, Genesis Cancer Care embraces an innovative spirit that encourages advancements in patient care.


The Macquarie University Neurosurgery Unit is one of the largest academic neurosurgery groups in Australia. It includes a team of  neurosurgeons and a dedicated neurosurgery research laboratory. The unit has subspecialty interests in vascular neurosurgery, spinal surgery, tumour surgery, radiosurgery, and paediatric neurosurgery. For more information please click here

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