About the Gamma Knife

Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery is one of the most precise, powerful and proven treatments for brain disorders.The Gamma Knife is a specialised treatment machine designed to provide stereotactic surgery to a highly defined target within the brain. Working together, neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists identify the target and develop a plan to deliver an extremely accurate dose of radiation while reducing exposure to sensitive healthy tissue.

The focused concentration of gamma rays to a targeted area in the brain can be performed with the utmost surgical precision although no surgical incision is required. The Gamma Knife has proven clinical utility, safety and cost effectiveness with over 320 Gamma Knife units operating and more than 880,000 cases treated worldwide. Over 2,500 peer reviewed publications outline the results of Gamma Knife for a wide array of histology’s, including brain metastases.

Technical Diagram - Neurosurgery - Macquarie University Hospital

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