Our multidisciplinary team of medical experts understand that a diagnosis of prostate cancer can cause significant anxiety for men and their families. We are committed to providing the best available treatment and support to you and your family, and are proud to host one of only two Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse’s in Sydney, one of only 26 in Australia, who will be available to care for you throughout your cancer experience.

Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse @ MUH

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Service places nurses in selected hospitals across Australia as part of a national program.  A Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse (PCSN) is an experienced registered nurse who has received additional training to make them an expert nurse in prostate cancer care.

They are a single point of contact for the patient and family and will assist you in making use of resources, guide you through your treatment options, streamline services and be the link with treating practitioners, allied health and nursing staff, community organisations and support groups.This includes providing dedicated education, reliable resources, psychosocial assessment and support, and guidance.

Your Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse at Macquarie University Hospital is Ken Burston.

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