Macquarie Medical Imaging
T: (02) 9430 1100Services available include: 3D Mammography, standard mammography, breast ultrasound, breast MRI, stereotactic biopsies and ultrasound biopsies. MRI guided biopsies will also be available soon.

To see a radiation oncologist:

Professor John Boyages
Genesis Cancer Care, Macquarie University Hospital
T: (02) 9812 3220

To see  a medical oncologist:

Professor Rick Kefford
Macquarie University Hospital
T: (02) 8850 8156

Dr Pirooz Poursoltan
Macquarie University Hospital
T: (02) 9887 8899

To see a breast surgeon:

Dr Deborah Cheung and Dr Jeremy Hsu
Macquarie University Clinical Care Centre
T: (02) 9887 8899

After hours contact

Macquarie University Hospital
T: (02) 9812 3001 (After 4:30pm weekdays and all weekend)

Please note that there are no emergency services at Macquarie University Hospital.  Please follow instructions from your specialists or contact your nearest emergency department for help.

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