Welcome to the Macquarie University Cancer Program.

A diagnosis of cancer is frightening and your whole life stops after a diagnosis. Navigating the medical maze after a diagnosis is not easy. Our dedicated cancer service brings together teams of committed health professionals and researchers to provide cutting edge treatment options for cancer patients.

Macquarie University Hospital is the first private teaching hospital in the country to be co-located on a university campus. The uniquely combined resources and research of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the hospital enable us to attract world-class health professionals and to access highly sophisticated medical technology and equipment for use in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

We aim to deliver high quality individualised patient care linked to research to achieve our vision of translating research into improving treatment and outcomes for patients with cancer.

At Macquarie University Hospital our principles of clinical care include rapid diagnosis and pre-treatment care planning by a team of doctors to help ensure that you understand your treatment choices. Followed by multi-disciplinary care using sophisticated treatment techniques and supported follow up care.

We have a range of specialty programs for adults coping with cancer such as our Advanced Lymphoedema Assessment Clinic that provides surgical treatment and support for cancer related lymphoedema. In all of our programs clinicians and research scientists work closely in our purpose built medical consulting, research and teaching facility.

We are able to do this through the support of our community, patients, the university, the hospital and government. We welcome donations to support the development of our innovative cancer program.

Whether you are a patient or a doctor do not hesitate to get in touch with Clinical Care Centre on (02) 9887 8899 to make an appointment to see one of our specialists.

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