Preparing for your stay with us

Before you arrive at Macquarie University Hospital, there are a number of forms that you will need to complete that provide information relating to your medical and insurance arrangements. You will also need to consider what personal items to bring with you. Please read the following information on how to prepare for your visit to hospital.

Booking Information

To confirm your booking with us, there are a number of forms the hospital requires.

Your doctor will ask you to fill out and sign both a booking form and a consent form. Prior to signing the consent form, ensure that your doctor has explained the nature of the procedure, its effects and risks, your expected recovery and follow-up care requirements. Once completed, your doctor will fax a copy of the booking and consent form to us and you will retain the originals.

Your doctor will then provide you with an information booklet to review and a pre-admission and patient history form to fill out. Please return the completed pre-admission and patient history form, as well as the original booking and consent form to the hospital as soon as possible following your doctor’s visit. If there are fewer than five working days until your admission date, please fax or hand-deliver the forms rather than sending them via mail.

Financial Information

We understand that health insurance and paying for hospital care can be complicated, particularly during an unsettled time.  We recommend that you ask your health fund to help you work out what is or isn’t covered and how much you will have to pay.

Also ask your doctor, anaesthetists and surgical assistants to explain their charges, and to give you an indication of how much you will get back from Medicare. The hospital’s admission staff are always happy to help, should you have questions please call 02 9812 3000.

Privately Insured Patients

Different health funds and different policies vary in what components of your hospital stay will be covered. It is essential that you contact your fund or insurer prior to admission to confirm your level of cover and to understand what you will need to pay for.

Depending upon your medical condition or procedure, you may require radiology, pathology and specialist consultations during your hospital stay. These will attract additional charges that may be covered in part or in full by your health fund and Medicare.

During your stay in hospital, you may be prescribed medications. Most of these should be covered by your private health fund.

However, you should be aware that some are not. These include any medications you are taking prior to your admission to hospital and additional medications that may be required at discharge. You will need to make arrangements for payment of medications not covered by your health fund.

Self-insured Patients

If you do not have private health cover, you may elect to be admitted as a self insured patient. Self insured patients who are registered with Medicare can claim the rebate if the procedure is eligible. On admission or prior to admission, you will be asked to pay the full estimated cost for your hospital stay.

Overseas visitors with travel insurance will also be required to pay the hospital estimate on admission. Reimbursement may then be claimed from your travel insurer. Non-residents cannot claim a Medicare rebate and are not eligible to receive subsidies from the Australian Government for their medications through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

WorkCover and Third Party Liability

Patients admitted as a result of WorkCover and third party liability will require written acceptance of admission from the relevant insurance company, prior to admission. Any claims that have not been accepted by the insurance company will require the hospital’s estimated fee to be paid by the patient on or prior to admission.

Other Fees

Fees charged by anaesthetists, other medical, allied health, radiology and pathology practitioners will be billed separately by the relevant provider after your stay.

How to Pay

You can pay your bill with all major credit cards, money orders, bank cheques and EFTPOS. The hospital also has a secure online payment system. We do not accept cash or personal cheques.

Scheduling your Admission

Prior to your hospitalisation, you will be contacted by an admissions officer with your scheduled admission time, fasting instructions and an estimate of out-of-pocket expenses and excess associated with your admission. If you have not received notification from the hospital by 3pm on the day prior to your hospitalisation, please call 02 9812 3000.

Pre-Admission Clinic

Dependant upon your procedure you may be required to attend a pre-admission clinic. At the clinic you will be interviewed by a pre-admissions nurse to determine your health status and medical history. To find out more about the pre-admission clinic, download the patient information booklet. The Pre admission clinic is located on Level 1.

What to Bring

Please use the following checklist to ensure that you remember to bring everything you need. We recommend that all belongings brought to hospital are labeled with your name on them.

  • Your original admission forms including your Hospital booking letter
  • Additional information from your GP
  • Any additional tests from your doctor
  • Health Insurance Fund and/or Veterans’s Affairs card
  • Medicare card
  • Pension and/or health care card
  • Any forms, notes, reports or letters from your doctor
  • All relevant x-rays, MRIs, scans
  • All medication you are currently taking
  • Night attire, if staying overnight, and comfortable clothes to go home in
  • Dressing gown and slippers or comfortable walking shoes
  • Personal toiletries
  • Reading material
  • Glasses and physical aids (walking sticks, hearing aids, etc.)
  • Small amount of cash for incidentals
  • Suitable arrangements to pay your account

Day Surgery: If you are attending the hospital for day surgery, please shower or take a bed bath (if you are in hospital) prior to being admitted.

In the interest of your safety, we ask that you do not

  • Eat or drink anything in accordance with fasting instructions including chewing gum and sucking mints
  • Wear jewellery
  • Bring any items of value
  • Wear makeup or nail polish
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