Arriving at the Hospital

Prior to admission, we will contact you to let you know what part of the hospital you should present to on the day of your procedure.  If you are unsure of where to go, make use of one of our friendly kiosks or ask for assistance at the main reception.

Terminals - Macquarie University Hospital

For patients undergoing a surgical procedure, please present to the Day Surgery Unit located on Level 1 on the day of admission.  You will be greeted by our clerical staff to finalise any outstanding paper work and pre-payment of accounts. Once this is complete, you will be accommodated in the Day Surgery Unit in preparation for your surgery.

If you are arriving the day prior to your procedure, please report to the admissions reception area, which is located to the right of the main reception on the ground floor. You will be greeted by our administration staff and, following completion of your paper work and payment, you will be shown to your room.

Angiography patients should report to ground floor reception, where they will be directed to the Angiography Department.


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