Our TAVI team is the most highly experienced in NSW – performing the procedure at both Royal Prince Alfred and Macquarie University Hospitals. The results speak for themselves.

Patients choosing Macquarie University Hospital for their TAVI procedure are treated by the most skilled and experienced cardiologist and cardiothoracic surgeons in the State.

Professor Martin Ng and Professor Michael Wilson perform this game-changing procedure together, and they have completed more procedures than any other in NSW.
“Our data shows that we achieve better patient outcomes than in other international registries,” explained cardiologist Professor Martin Ng. “More than 93 per cent of our patients are alive and living independently after 12 months.

“One of the reasons for our success is our thorough patient screening. Patients spend almost a full day at being assessed prior to being deemed a suitable candidate for TAVI.

“And, when we take on a patient for TAVI, we take on the whole patient. Many have co-morbidities and complex conditions. We manage all of these as part of their TAVI treatment with a large multidisciplinary team that includes – in addition to Dr Wilson and myself – geriatricians, specially trained TAVI nurses, allied health professionals and psychologists.

“We also choose from four different valves, with each patient assessed for the best option, and we use alternative access routes if femoral approach is not suitable. In addition, a cardiologist and a cardiothoracic surgeon are both present throughout every TAVI operation.”


‘Magical’ says Kay Norman of her experience with TAVI. Kay Norman will turn 80 this year and, after having TAVI at Macquarie University Hospital late last year, she’s back home living life to the full.

Prior to the procedure, Kay had developed several leaking heart valves – including her aortic valve. Her condition was worsening and, eventually, she was short of breath just walking across a room.

Her cardiologist, Dr Peter Iles, suggested she might be a good candidate for TAVI and referred her to interventional cardiologist Professor Martin Ng at Macquarie University Hospital.

After being rigorously assessed for the procedure, Kay underwent a successful TAVI procedure by Professor Ng in early December. After her follow-up appointment, she was given the all-clear.

“It sounds funny to say is this way, but it really was a magical experience,” recalled Kay.

“I had only local anaesthetic, administered by such an excellent and caring anaesthetist, and there was no pain or discomfort at any stage during or after the operation.

“The nurses, doctors and even the receptionist staff – from the moment we walked in to Macquarie University Hospital – were to attentive and made it all so easy.

“Then I went home and had no pain to manage and no wound to look after. There was just a small hole in the groin area. The whole recovery was so fast.

“It’s like nothing happened and yet they gave me a new aortic valve. It really was like magic.”


The medical literature now demonstrates a clear volume-outcome relationship for TAVI. Outcomes of the TAVI procedure are directly correlated to the experience and the capacity of the clinic.

Our TAVI team works across Macquarie University and Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals and is the most experienced in New South Wales. Due to this extensive experience, we are seeing fantastic results.