Macquarie University Hospital’s weekly stoma clinic gives patients improved access to services after bowel and bladder surgery. Macquarie University Hospital has enhanced its stoma service with a weekly clinic at the Hospital. This service is in addition to the three stoma therapists who already see patients on the wards.

Serving primarily colorectal, IBD and bladder cancer patients, stoma therapist Colette Craft sees patients who have had their surgery at the hospital, or have been referred in.

“It’s an important time in patients’ lives and a fairly significant change in how they live,” said Collette. “The weekly clinic aims to give patients more peace of mind that they can get regular help when they need it. It’s really completing the service for stoma patients at Macquarie University Hospital.”

Stoma therapists play an important role in pre-operative education, so a patient knows what to expect after surgery. A key part of their job is linking patients with suppliers of stoma products, and reviewing patients regularly to ensure they have access to newer products on the market.

“We see patients as young as 19 and as old as 90,” said Colette. “So we are used to working with a wide range of people.

“We work remotely, too. Patients can send us a photo and we can determine a lot that way, and then offer them advice. We are available by phone, and can talk a patient through their concerns or find a solution for them.”