With the addition of two new dimensions to the standard arm cuff measurement for blood pressure, MUH is now the most comprehensive arterial assessment service in the Sydney area.


Macquarie University Hospital has added a new clinical testing service that includes the capacity to measure both central aortic pressure and arterial stiffness. This clinical service extends the standard technique of ambulatory blood pressure (BP) measurement. “As evidence accumulates to show the link between arterial stiffness and blood pressure – with implications for both heart and brain disease – more precise measurements will enable doctors to select the best treatments for various cardiovascular conditions,” said Associate Professor Edward Barin, Co-Director of Cardiology at MQ Health and Clinical Associate Professor at Macquarie University.

“These laboratory measurements extend our understanding of blood pressure, heart failure and heart structure changes, and can then be used by treating doctors to adjust medication or consider other treatment options.” The diagnosis of hypertension can be confirmed or refined. Ambulatory BP clarifies, for example, the diagnosis of ‘white-coat’ hypertension, masked hypertension, or nocturnal hypertension. “The new service is particularly useful for ageing patients, given the link between arterial stiffness and ageing, and the noninvasive nature of the assessment,” said Associate Professor Edward Barin.

About the Artery and BP Assessment Unit at MQ Health Cardiology.

This is a weekly clinical service for patients with Hypertension and Vascular disorders. It is run by Associate Professor Edward Barin, Professor Alberto Avolio, Dr Mark Butlin and Dr Isabella Tan. The Unit is able to see patients quickly, and can coordinate any additional diagnostic tests or treatments at Macquarie University Hospital that might be required. Led by Professor Avolio, the Unit is involved with data collection and contributes to international collaborative clinical studies in the field of optimising blood pressure measurement.