A generous donation recognises the importance of ongoing specialist nursing education to ensure the best outcomes for cancer patients.

Peter and Sue Dodd have kindly made a significant donation to the Hospital to support nursing services in oncology, contributing to enhancing the overall breast cancer care of patients.

Dr Peter Dodd was Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer of Macquarie University from 2009 to 2012. He was also the inaugural Chairman of the Macquarie University Hospital  Board – serving in this capacity till mid-2016.

Professor Rick Kefford, Head of the Cancer Clinical Program extended a warm thank-you to the Dodds for their extremely generous donation.

“Breast cancer comprises one of our largest groups of patients in the program,” said Professor Rick Kefford, Head of Clinical Medicine at Macquarie University.

“The constant stream of new information from conferences and journals provides an ongoing challenge for our staff in maintaining currency and ensuring that our patients are always getting the latest and best advice and care.”

The generosity of the Dodds will provide the Hospital with an opportunity to innovate in oncology nursing, and help with developing the breast cancer skills on both surgical and medical wards.

“Our jobs can be difficult at times but we always strive to do our best,” said Jenny Gilchrist, Nurse Practitioner in Breast Oncology at Macquarie University Hospital. “Getting to help people during cancer care makes it all very much worthwhile.”

Peter and Sue Dodd said that they had great confidence in the Hospital’s comprehensive and specialist approach to breast cancer.

“We hope our donation will help provide increased training opportunities for nurses working in this important area of medicine,” said Peter. “We also want to encourage others to consider donating to promote research and education.”

Grants are currently available to cancer nurses to the value of $2,000. In time, the Hospital hopes to attract broader philanthropic support for nursing education across the board. Applicants must demonstrate how their educational experience will directly benefit breast cancer patients.

ABBY FYFE: Recipient of the Peter and Sue Dodd Nursing Education Scholarship

In June this year, with funding from the Peter and Sue Dodd Nursing Education Scholarship, Abby was able to attend the Multinational Association of Supportive Cancer Care (MASCC) conference in Washington in the US. Here’s what she said about this international professional development opportunity:

“Attending the conference was an extremely valuable experience. I learned some great innovative, internationally recognised techniques to care for our cancer patients.

“Some highlights for me and my work at Macquarie University Hospital include the use of virtual reality to help combat fears and anxieties, the importance of increased awareness of cancer-associated thrombosis for patients, using cryotherapy to help combat peripheral neuropathy caused by some chemotherapy agents and new wound care tips.

“I have also increased my awareness of fertility and sexuality issues, and furthered my knowledge on immunotherapies and their side effects.

“It’s exciting to be taking what I learned back to the Hospital to discuss and incorporate into some quality projects for the year.”