Macquarie University Hospital Performs It’s First Hysterectomy Robotically

With twenty years of experience treating gynaecological cancers laparoscopically, Dr Felix Chan has begun to offer the same procedure using the da Vinci robotic system. Trained in the US to use the da Vinci System, Dr Felix Chan says that even though he is performing the same operations robotically, as he did laparoscopically, the new approach represents a major medical advance. “Robotic surgery is a ‘quantum leap’ ahead”, said Dr Chan, a gynaecological surgeon at Macquarie University Hospital. “The precision of the instruments, the clarity of vision, the definition of tissue and the access to the small vessels and nerves means that, from a surgeon’s point of view, one can perform complex surgeries with great accuracy.”

While Dr Chan will use the da Vinci primarily to treat gynaecological cancers, the system can also be used for other complex gynaecological operations such as complex gynaecological surgery in pelvic floor reconstruction, uro-gynaecology and pelvic endometriosis. “The system also has broad application,” said Dr Chan. “In the US, utilising this technology is standard when performing hysterectomies and fibroid removals. Indications are that Australia is heading in the same direction.” In his opinion patients having had a hysterectomy robotically seem to recover faster, require a shorter stay in hospital due to less bleeding and less damage to nerves and tissue.

“At Macquarie University Hospital, it is not just about performing the operation,” said Dr Chan. “A patient at this hospital also has access to a remarkable set of other important services, including oncological services, research programs and unique imaging services. It’s all in one place. In addition, wards are aesthetically pleasant and administrative services are electronically advanced.”

To make an appointment with Dr Felix Chan at Macquarie University Hospital please call 9812 3860.

Dr Felix Chan

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