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Admissions are arranged through the office of an accredited medical practitioner. In most cases a general practitioner would refer the patient to a specialist consultant at their rooms, where an elective admission could be arranged if appropriate.

Walk-in Specialist Emergency Clinic (WiSE)

The WiSE Clinic will provide an on-site initial assessment, diagnostics with immediate reporting and treatment of a broad range of medical conditions and injuries. Some of which may require admission to hospital or referral to another specialist.

In these instances, the Wise Specialist Emergency Doctor will work closely with MQ Health’s network of acute specialist doctors such as Cardiologists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, General Surgeons and Urologists and many more to coordinate your care and optimise your health outcomes.

In doing so, MQ Health and WiSE have the potential to deliver seamless, patient-centered care; improved service and care for a range of patients; and a much-needed pressure release on the healthcare system. For further information on the WiSE Clinic, please click here.

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