• Dr Mark Wong

    Speciality: Medical Oncology

    Address 1: MQ Health Clinical Care Centre, Macquarie University Clinic, Suite 304, Level 3, 2 Technology Place

    Address 2: Macquarie University, NSW 2109, Australia

    Phone: 02 9887 8899

    Fax: 02 9887 8800

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    Dr Mark Wong  is specialising in the management of patients with nervous system and gastro-intestinal tumours. He speaks fluent Cantonese and Mandarin.

  • Associate Professor Tillman Boesel

    Speciality: Pain Management

    Address 1: Inner West Pain Centre

    Address 2: Suite 211, RPA Medical Centre, 100 Carillon Avenue, Newtown NSW 2042

    Phone: 02 9517 1764

    Fax: 02 9517 1832

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    Following undergraduate medical training at the University of Adelaide, Associate Professor Tillman Boesel moved to NSW in 1996, where he worked as a junior doctor at Liverpool Hospital. He subsequently qualified as a specialist anaesthetist through Royal Prince Alfred Hospital’s training scheme. Following his appointment as a staff specialist at the Nepean Hospital in 2004, he undertook further advanced training in pain medicine with a special focus on interventional treatments with Professor Raj Sundaraj.

    Associate Professor Boesel has held an academic appointment at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences since 2007. In addition to his academic position, he currently practices at Macquarie University Hospital, with private consulting in Penrith, North Ryde and Newtown. His special interests include neuropathic pain, interventional pain therapies and medical education.

  • Dr Andrew Paterson

    Speciality: Pain Medicine

    Subspeciality: Anaesthesia

    Address 1: Inner West Pain Centre

    Address 2: Suite 211, 100 Carillon Avenue, Newtown NSW 2042

    Phone: 02 95171764

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    Dr Andrew Paterson


    Dr Paterson is a Graduate of Sydney University 2000. He completed his Anaesthetic training at St Vincents Hospital between 2005 and 2009 and  Concord Hospital in 2010. He was a Pain Management fellow at Concord Hospital in 2011-2012. Dr Paterson is a Visiting Medical Officer and has Appointments at Macquarie University Hospital, Lifehouse Hospital (Royal Prince Alfred), Affiliated with Inner West Pain Centre (Newtown) and Western Sydney Pain Centre (Penrith).

  • Dr Rosa Hou

    Speciality: Pain Management

    Subspeciality: Pain Medicine Specialist & Anaesthetist

    Address 1: Innerwest Pain Centre

    Address 2: Suite 209, RPA Medical Centre, 100 Carillon Avenue, Newtown, NSW 2042

    Phone: 02 95171764

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    Dr Rosa Hou is a Pain Medicine Specialist and Anaesthetist. She graduated from Medicine at the University of New South Wales, and trained in Anaesthetics at the St George Hospital network. She then underwent advanced training in Pain Medicine. Rosa manages both acute and chronic pain, with special interests in perioperative pain management, prevention and treatment of chronic post surgical pain.

    Her other interests include neuropathic, chronic musculoskeletal and interventional pain medicine. Rosa has a holistic approach to pain management, and places great importance in psychological and physical rehabilitation along with medical treatment and interventions.

  • Dr Santosh Sanagapalli

    Speciality: Gastroenterology

    Address 1: Suite 404, Level l4

    Address 2: Macquarie University Clinic

    Phone: 02 9812 3880

    Fax: 02 9812 3886

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