GP Events

Macquarie University Hospital is a supporter of continued professional development (CPD) through the RACGP.

GP Education Events 2020

Breakfast Events 

  • Urology at Macquarie University Hospital  presented by Professor David Gillatt and Dr Ben Namdarian. To be rescheduled.
  • Acute Spine Clinic – Cause and Effect – presented by Dr Davor Saravanja and Mr Chris Wynne. To be rescheduled.

Evening Events 

  • Neurosurgery (Banjo Paterson Restaurant). To be rescheduled.
  • Wednesday 23 September – Healthy Weight Clinic (save the date).

Webinars in collaboration with the RACGP – advertised through the RACGP

  • Wednesday 28 April – New Frontiers in Skin Cancer presented by Professor Anand Deva and Dr Chelsie O’Connor
  • Tuesday 21 July – Endocrinology presented by Associate Professor Bernard Champion and Dr Eva Wong
  • Wednesday 29 July –  Atrial Fibrillation presented by Dr Hari Raju and Dr Chrishan Nalliah
  • Tuesday 4 August  – Concussion  presented by Antonio Di Ieva and Dr Rowena Mobbs
  • Wednesday 12 August – Prostate Cancer and Clinical Trials presented by Professor David Gillatt and Professor Howard Gurney
  • Wednesday 21 October – Developmental Paediatrics presented by  Dr Penny Uther and Jan Hancock


We welcome GPs to the campus and provide a range of high-quality and dynamic medical education seminars throughout the year for their enjoyment.