Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Important update – temporary suspension of non-urgent elective surgery

The Prime Minister has announced the suspension of non-urgent Category 2 and Category 3 elective surgeries at all private hospitals from 11.59 pm on 1 April. Only Category 1 and some urgent Category 2 surgeries will continue until further notice. This directive will allow for the preservation of personal protective equipment resources critical to protecting staff and doctors. Please be advised that our other services, including urgent surgery and medical services will continue. Every patient waiting for elective surgery will be assessed by their treating medical professional as Category 1, 2 or 3 as per the following definitions: • Category 1 – Needing treatment within 30 days. Has the potential to deteriorate quickly to the point where the patient’s situation may become an emergency. • Category 2 – Needing treatment within 90 days. Their condition causes pain, dysfunction or disability. Unlikely to deteriorate quickly and unlikely to become an emergency. • Category 3 – Needing treatment at some point in the next year. Their condition causes pain, dysfunction or disability. Unlikely to deteriorate quickly. Decisions on the category of patients are at the discretion of the treating medical professional. If you are a patient, please liaise with your doctor as soon as possible regarding this announcement to find out whether it changes your booked surgery. Please click here to read more important information about this announcement.

Information for patients

MQ Health is supporting efforts to slow community transmission of Coronavirus-COVID 19 and is following advice of the Australian Government and NSW Health. MQ Health is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our patients, staff and visitors. We are continuing the essential work of Macquarie University Hospital and Clinics including providing a safe environment for patients and their visitors. We have appropriate infection prevention and control protocols in place to minimise the risk of any infection, including COVID-19. If you have travelled overseas and have completed 14 days of self-isolation please advise the hospital or your doctor before your scheduled appointment or surgery. All booked admissions, including outpatients, are being screened prior to admission. Patients are being asked to advise other friends and family to keep in contact via phone or online.

Temperature checks

Patients and visitors will be temperature checked each day they attend Macquarie University Hospital and Clinics. There will be temperature checks and hand sanitiser stations in the following locations:

Hospital ground floor

Hospital Car Park – B1

Clinic ground floor (commencing Monday 6 April)

Clinic Car Park – B1 (Commencing Monday 6 April)

Information for visitors

We ask you to consider not visiting the hospital unless you are an immediate family member or carer of the patient. The number of hospital visitors is limited to one visitor per patient (please note the patient needs to nominate this visitor on admission) to assist with social distancing measures. Additionally, visitors must not enter a hospital if:

  • You are unwell
  • You have been in contact with a confirmed case of Coronavirus-COVID 19 (even if you are free of symptoms).
  • You have arrived in Australia from any international destination and have not completed a 14-day period of self-isolation.

Information for the public

All of these measures complement Macquarie University Hospital’s comprehensive infection prevention and control protocols. Macquarie University Hospital is recognised for its quality care which ensures that the health and safety of our patients, staff and visitors is paramount. MQ Health appreciates the community’s support and understanding during this time while we work proactively to help contain the risk of spread of Coronavirus.

Information for our healthcare professionals

MQ Health has implemented several initiatives to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff and healthcare workers. Please click here for more information about parking, resources, working from home and on campus, support and wellbeing services.


NSW Health – COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions





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