Macquarie MD (Doctor of Medicine) Student Clinical Placements at the Hospital and MQ Health Clinics


The Macquarie MD

The Macquarie MD (Doctor of Medicine) program is a four-year program that commenced in 2018 with a cohort of 50 students. It builds on MQ Health’s original vision for medical training to provide an alternative model to traditional programs that depend almost exclusively on large teaching hospitals. The program’s first two years focus is on biomedical, clinical and social sciences and lay the foundations for clinical practice. This is followed by a third and fourth year in which the focus is on immersion in Australian and international clinical teams. The Macquarie MD combines innovative educational techniques such as team-based learning, inter-professional learning, simulation learning and competency-based assessment, and early experiential learning with regular clinical placements.

Clinical Placements at MUH As a private hospital and clinics that are part of Australia’s first university-led fully integrated health precinct – MQ Health – we provide a unique setting for training the next generation of doctors. Commencing from 2019, the Hospital and Clinics will play a key role in the training of MD students as they undertake clinical placements at both sites. The first cohort of 50 MD students, as part of their Year 2 program, will commence with bedside tutorials under the supervision of a doctor. In 2020 and 2021, as part of Year 3 and 4, students will participate in more advanced and focused clinical placements at the Hospital and Clinics.

Partnering With Patients

Partnerships with patients and communities are vital to any tertiary medical training. At MQ Health, we partner with our patients and their families throughout their healthcare journey. Our clinical programs and services coordinate patients’ needs from initial consultation at primary care and specialist clinics, imaging and allied health through to inpatient hospital treatment if required. Our MD clinical placement program is part of supporting a patient during this journey, where their care and comfort are of top priority. Interactions between our students and our patients – always under the supervision of a fully qualified doctor – are designed to be mutually beneficial.

Benefits to Patients

Macquarie MD’s teaching and training program brings scaled-up services and scaled-up care for patients. The presence of students in a clinical setting can stimulate medical teams and supervisors to keep abreast of new developments and consolidate their knowledge as they respond to teaching needs and students’ eagerness to learn. Students can provide an extra set of hands, support a consultant to provide additional or faster service to a patient, and be on hand to answer additional patient questions. Given MQ Health’s academically driven model of care in an integrated healthcare environment, the high quality of training has flow-on effects for the quality of care that we provide to our patients.

Patient Privacy

Macquarie MD student clinical placements have been established to meet the highest standards of professional conduct and the Code of Conduct as laid out by the Medical Board of Australia. The Macquarie MD Program falls under the NSW Health Records Information and Privacy Act 2002 and personal patient records will be treated accordingly. Patient respect, support and privacy are central to the MQ Health way of working. Respectful and effective communication is part of our doctor training with listening, provision of information, discussion, and language and cultural communication needs all of key importance. We recognise that patients may not always be comfortable with visitation or observation by our medical students. If patient’s participation is requested, they have the right to decline.

For more information please contact Charlotte Foxe

Student placement support co-ordinator | T: 02 9850 2862

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