In an effort to support the growth of our teaching enterprise, the University will begin the construction works on a new Clinical Education building for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Located in between the Hospital and 75 Talavera Road, this building will exemplify the University’s student-success approach to delivering popular, highly regarded courses in contemporary custom-built facilities.

As our courses rapidly expand in popularity, we have seen increased demand for additional teaching spaces and resources in the Faculty, and this new building will provide vital space and resources for the growing requirements of our diverse teaching and learning programs. The new Clinical Education building will include state-of-the-art audio-visual systems, lecture theatres and team-based learning spaces that have been incorporated into the design based on consultation with our academic, and also with regard to best-practice learning and teaching developments in other universities.

The new building will also support staff and clinicians at Macquarie University Hospital and MQ Health Clinics by providing space for clinical meetings, clinical grand rounds and other nursing education events.

Designed by Architectus, the new teaching and learning building will be an exciting addition to the dynamic Macquarie campus. It adopts the same approach taken for the Incubator building: materials for construction will be largely pre-fabricated and environmentally sustainable. The modern design will also feature a glass exterior to maximise light into the narrow site. With four-levels, the 3400sqm timber building will be surrounded by large landscaped and paved areas connecting pedestrians to Wally’s Walk on the west side and Innovation Road to the east.

The building will take approximately 12 months, with an estimated completion date in early 2020. Further information on timing, wayfinding and construction commencement will be communicated in the coming weeks. We look forward to the construction of this building as part of our over-arching commitment as a Faculty to providing world-class medical and health sciences teaching to the next generation of health professionals.


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