Grad@MUH Program 2021

Details about our Grad@MUH Program 2021 will be coming soon.

The Grad@MUH program supports newly qualified nurses to develop confidence and competence during their transition from beginning to advanced practitioner.

You will find this 12 month program a rewarding and empowering phase of your career journey. The breadth of  work-based learning activities on offer throughout the program will ensure you have multiple opportunities to embed the values and expectations of the profession and establish your professional identity within your workplace.


You will be encouraged to explore your leadership strengths and engage with work-based learning activities focused on identifying and mitigating clinical risk and improve quality of patient care.

Coordinating a quality improvement project within your practice area will provide an opportunity to reflect on your leadership development.

The program encourages personal development and skills for life-long learning including critical and reflective thinking, teamwork and inquiry.

Launch your career

We offer a choice of program, in either Perioperative or Clinical Streams.  Fast-track your career in a speciality area of your choice.

Perioperative Stream Specialties Clinical Stream Specialties






Orthopaedic, Spinal and Hand Surgery, Neurosurgery and Neurology, Ophthalmology, Cardiothoracic, Vascular, Respiratory, Cardiology, Colorectal / Upper GIT, Plastics, Urology, Gynaecology, Breast, ENT, Oncology, Intensive Care /Coronary Care