Post-Graduate Education Scholarship

MUH offers employees the opportunity to apply for scholarship support in post graduate studies at an accredited educational institution. The studies must be relevant to the employee’s current role and increase skill levels in their current role. Applications can include study leave or funding or a combination of both to support the employee in their pursuit of this relevant qualification.

Research Program

The MUH Nursing Research Office is involved in looking into clinical nursing best practice. The Research Office is committed to the discovery and application of knowledge that may improve nursing practice and improve the quality of care and patient outcomes. Current research projects include The Preadmission Process, Multicentre Study in Prostate Cancer, PQRS Recovery in Ambulatory Surgical Patient and RELIEF Study (a multicentre study on restricted versus liberal fluids in major abdominal surgery). The Research Office is also partnering with Macquarie University in several other research projects.

Education Program

Macquarie University Hospital’s greatest asset is its people. Our education program brings to life the vision and purpose “To learn” through the employees. We recognise the importance of ongoing professional development for all staff. MUH endeavours to support it’s staff via a comprehensive learning and development program that includes the provision of mandatory training and ongoing training and development. The Learning and Development Team are committed to provide training that increases employee skills in delivering a high standard of customer service and care to ensure the best possible outcome for our patients.


MUH E-Learning modules provide employee education on a safe and healthy work environment for staff. Modules include Emergency Procedures, Manual Handling, Infection Control, Safe Medication Administration and Management of the Deteriorating Patient. By updating and developing skills employees find renewed satisfaction in their career as they enhance their current role or take on a new role within the hospital.


MUH is fortunate to be part of the Macquarie University campus and as such have the added advantage of utilising the resources and services they have available. One such benefit is the MU Library – employees of MUH have the opportunity to use the facilities of the library for both personal and professional development. This includes international journals and databases, medication tools and references, leading nursing databases, guidelines from regulators such as Ministry of Health, Therapeutic Guidelines, PBS, CEC, Agency for Clinical Innovation, NHMRC and much more. We also have access to borrowing as well as the online resources which further helps to achieve our purpose of research and excellence.


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