Our Vision and Purpose


A progressive hospital in which our doctors and staff focus on providing care of the highest quality to every patient, and on leveraging technology in the pursuit of patient care, research and training.


To heal:

At Macquarie University Hospital, our leading doctors and nurses work together to provide the highest quality care using the latest medical technology. With 152 beds, 12 operating theatres and clinics in radiology, pathology, radiotherapy and oncology, the hospital provides services across a broad range of specialties.

To learn:

Our expert doctors at Macquarie University Hospital not only deliver the best care to patients, but also educate other doctors, passing on their valuable knowledge and experience. Many of our leading specialists teach at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, which is located next to the hospital and facilitates the learning of the next generation of specialists.

To discover:

Medical treatments are constantly evolving. At Macquarie University Hospital, we are committed to a process of improvement and advancement. Our doctors not only use and teach the latest medical and surgical techniques, but also conduct research to discover better therapies, so that we can continue to deliver the most effective treatments. To do this, Macquarie University Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences work together to conduct research into best clinical practice. Much of our research is based on the concept of ‘translational research’, a process of adapting scientific discoveries to become practical improvements in patient care at the bedside.

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