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Ms Mary Simons
Speciality:  Medical Research
Team:  Neurooncology, Breast Oncology, Lung Oncology, Colorectal Oncology
Macquarie University Library
Macquarie University , NSW, 2109
Phone:  (02) 9850 7536   

Ms Simons provides clinical librarian services to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS), Macquarie University,  Macquarie University Hospital and the Clinic. Ms Simons coordinated the establishment of library services for the school, clinic and hospital and continues involvement through teaching literature search skills and assisting within a core FMHS unit and assisting with clinical research. Ms Simons also collaborates on journal articles, conference papers and presentations, the most  at Medical Library Association 2013 meeting in Boston on her role within Macquarie's Neurosurgery’s evidence-based surgery program.