Our Values

Our values underpin our approaches and our actions as individuals and as teams, supporting all professional decision-making. Our values are shared by our staff and are critical to achieving the best outcomes for patients. Our values are:


We act with deep respect and compassion for the dignity and diversity of our patients, staff, students and community.


We are committed to being consistent, principled, honest and accurate in our actions, decisions, and communication. Integrity is the cornerstone of our relationship with each other, our patients and the community.


We recognise that all individuals bring qualities and talents to share and that by working with each other and our patients we enhance our work environment and the outcomes of our efforts.


We are ambitious in our efforts to achieve excellence in everything we do, exceeding expectations and setting new standards in our field.


We have a special charge  to bring new ideas and new evidence based knowledge into practice at every opportunity to advance health, clinical care and wellbeing, to improve lives.


We willingly engage and collaborate with those beyond the perimeter of our campus and our country to multiply the impact and effectiveness of our work.